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Chapter One

The doors opened as Pharaoh came in. Wearing a gauzy shawl and a elaborate kilt he showed his wealth. Surrounded by the Macedonians Greeks of Egypt, he looked out of place with his dark tanned skin. Followed by him was the two royal women of Egypt: His wife and his mother. The Queen-Mother and his wife. The Queen was wearing a little headress crown. It represented the horns of the Apis bull, Amun's earthly incarnation and it had little golden beads castigating from thread so thin it was almost invisible. The Queen's light brown hair looked orange in the bright light. The Queen-Mother herself was dressed in the ancient Egyptian styles, she looked like a scene from Nefertari's temple. They all looked like gods.
 After the royal adults took there seat on the dais. Then the dinner party began. The Pharaoh had much feast in the days of his reign. He had no reigned for 14 years and was now 30 years old. His birth day next week would rival this feast. He danced happy at the thought of his family. All of them.  "Ah, how happy it is to be Pharaoh." He said to his wife. "Y'know, their seems to be a lack of children." He said in his merry voice. "Bring in the princesses!"
 There were three children. All different. Trypheana, the eldest was 15. She had inherited the fair skin of Macedonians. She her hair was strait and undeclared. She wore a simple shift that strapped from her shoulders and covered her chest downward.
 The second child was Epiphaneia. Epiphaneia was Trypheana's younger twin. But they looked nothing alike. She had inherited the olive skin of her family. Her hair was buntly cut and had a gold piece at the end. She wore a squared shift that split into the big V in the back. She favored more to her father's facial features.  
 The last child to enter was eight year old Cleopatra. The third daughter of Queen and Pharaoh. She has the nice reddish skin seen in wall painting.Her nice black hair was very small and had a side-lock sticking out of it. She wore a nice little shawl transparent over her  that was bonded by the Tyet.
 "My children. But I seem to be missing a daughter." The Pharaoh referred to 5  year old Arsinoe. "Ah, don't worry husband, the little princess will be at the Dais in 4 years." The princess' tutor, Puyemre said.
The happy family was smiling. It would be a memory for each of them for it was the pastime the family was happy.
This is part of my Cleopatra story. Just to let you know, Cleopatra's mother is Queen Cleopatra V Trypheana and her father is Ptolemy XII Auletes.
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