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Empress Lucilla by TLKFANKING
Empress Lucilla
Name: Lucilla

Title: Empress of Rome

Daughter of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Empress Faustina The Younger. Sister of Annia Aurelia Galeria Faustina, Fadilla, Annia Cornficia Faustina Minor, Emperor Commodus and Vibia Aurelia Sabina. Wife of Emperor Lucius Verus and Claudius Pompeianus. Mother of Aurelia Lucilla, Lucilla Plautia, Lucius Verus and Pompeianus. 
When she was thirteen years old, the roman princess Lucilla married her father's co-emperor Lucius Verus. They had three children but only Plautia survived. After returning from war, Lucius Verus died, making Lucilla a widow. She later remarried a Claudius Pompeianus, a Roman from Syria. They later had a son. 

When her insane brother Commodus ruled, she started a plot to assassinate him with the Head of the Preatorian Guard and her family members. When the plot failed, Lucilla, her daughter Plautia and cousin Ummidia. 
Empress Julia Domnba by TLKFANKING
Empress Julia Domnba
Julia Domna was an Arab princess who was born into the Emesan royal house. Her father was Bassanius and her sister was Julia Maesa. The sisters could have traced their ancestry to Queen Cleopatra the Seventh whose great granddaughter became Queen of Emesa. 

A astrolager told Domna she would one day marry a King. She was given to Septimius Severus, an African Man whose ancestors had Roman citizenship. They had two childredn: Lucius Septimius Bassianus, later called Caracalla, and Publius Septimus Geta. During the year of the five emperors, Domna travelled with her husband around the East, which was an unccomman for a Roman wife.

As Empress, Julia was her husband most loyal adviser even though many of her political enemies accused her of adultery and treason. Domna however remained married to Septimius Severus until his death. Even though her sons were Co-Emperors, they quarreled frequently and Caracalla eventually had his own brother killed. This soured Julia's relationship with her first born, even though she still helped administer his Empire. When Caracalla was assasinated and usurped, Julia Domna killed herself. After her death in 217, her sister Maesa made her grandsons Emperors after defeating the usurper Macrinus. 


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